Helen Costelloe’s

Helen Costelloe creates a dining experience with a difference. With food as delicious as it is healthy, you can eat out at Helen Costelloe’s without feeling a single pang of guilt!

Helen opened her pop-up restaurant in the Watergarden, Thomastown in August 2014, and word soon spread, including amongst those who had never considered vegetarian food before. As a result of its popularity this pop-up quickly become a permanent feature in Thomastown  we are moving on to new things.

Diners of all descriptions come from far and wide to sample this seasonal, wholefood, vegetarian cuisine, which proves once and for all that healthy food can be ‘just too tasty to describe’.

Using seasonal vegetables, nuts, grains, pulses and the very best of original spices, Helen creates menus that cater for all tastes including allergies and intolerances, with no compromise to taste.

Each weekend provides a chance to socialise in an enjoyable setting, without breaking the bank or your promises to yourself!

So dine out in style this weekend, with Helen Costelloe’s Healthy Choices. The finest Vegetarian Restaurant in Kilkenny. 

Enjoy Helen’s delicious heathy creations all the time.

There are now many ways to indulge in Helen’s super tasty and oh-so-healthy creations.

  • Weekly deliveries
  • Demo and Dine experience – perfect for parties!
  • Personal consultations with Helen to transform your diet, and your life!
    • Dieting will never seem like a chore when you know how to prepare healthy food that is equally delicious.
    • Helen says: ‘Remember you are what you eat.’


Helen Costelloe
Co. Tipperary


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